It’s Time To Take Another Look At Your Road Map To Retirement


At Eric Scott Financial, we are dedicated to educating and helping guide our clients down the path towards their financial goals. We have devoted our careers to serving the community of St. George.


The firm has a strong foundation that is built upon several core values that have enabled Eric Scott Financial to successfully become a pillar of financial advice in our area. The solid bedrock of our firm is our commitment to:


Communication– Our word is the backbone that holds this firm together. Everything we do revolves around and through integrity. We understand that the only way to keep the positive reputation we have built is to continue to serve our clients with honesty and transparency. Every customer expects and receives every detail concerning their financial plan, regardless of how big or small that detail might be. No client is ever unaware of what is going on with their account at any time. You have our word.


Education– One of the joys of being a financial guide is the opportunity to teach and disseminate information in an easy to understand and a meaningful way. Just read our book and you will quickly see how much enjoyment we get from giving information and educating our clients. To us, an entirely educated client is a client that we will be partnered with for life.


Service– Our client relationships start with our desire to have that relationship last a lifetime. We are not looking for numbers or faceless accounts. We want our customers to become as comfortable and friendly with us as they want to be. That is why we start every new client conversation in our “living room,” and not on opposite sides of a desk. To us, being comfortable and serving our clients will always be a staple of Eric Scott Financial.