Shattering IRA Misconceptions

Like many people today, John and Sue worried about their retirement. Even after years of hard work and saving, they were concerned about fulfilling their retirement dreams. A mysterious letter in the mail, signed cryptically by “The Guide” changed everything!

The letter offered a new hope – a different approach to their retirement planning – that could potentially turn things around. Willing to try anything to improve their financial plan, John and Sue set out to meet this Guide.

Follow John and Sue as the Guide leads them on an incredible journey through exciting new landscapes and times long past. Discover The Five Crossroads along with them and learn how they can affect your retirement plan. With the help of some interesting characters from history, you’ll learn about the importance of Budget & Debt Planning, Retirement Income, Risk Management, Tax Reduction and Legacy Preparation.

Enjoy your journey!

5 Crossroads

A mysterious letter signed only “The Guide” is the first clue to David and Michelle that this retirement discussion is going to be somewhat outside the norm. Join them as they step into a time-hopping journey, propelled forward by curiosity and courage.

With the help of the Guide, leave spreadsheets and line graphs behind for a discussion of the Three Pillars of Retirement Income in a way that brings life, history, and human interest to the financial piece of mapping out the future. Challenged and informed by colorful historical characters, David and Michelle will learn the lessons of Ancient Rome, the richest man in all history, and what past American leaders have to share.

As the couple faces the crumbling infrastructure of their own personal finances, ravaged by time, they also learn how to rebuild their own Three Pillars for a retirement built on financial bedrock.


Shattering IRA Misconceptions

We live in an age of information overload. That overload hurts us the most when dealing with our money and investments. One topic in particular tends to be more misunderstood than most: IRAs and similar accounts. With over 17 trillion dollars in America currently invested in IRAs, 401(k)s and other similar accounts, it’s disconcerting to see how misinformed many people are about these types of accounts.

Following the fun storytelling format he began with The Five Crossroads, Eric’s new book follows the adventures of a brand new couple through thirteen misconceptions people have about IRAs (and their truths). Join Ryan and Katie Johnson as they follow the mysterious Guide on a walk back through history, meet a few familiar characters, and learn how to take back control of their IRA money.

5 Crossroads

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