The Cornerstones

The Cornerstones


Traditionally, cornerstones are the first stones laid in your foundation. They stand in place as reference for where the rest of the house will be built. In our proprietary process, each cornerstone plays a critical role in supporting your complete financial plan. The cornerstones of Your Financial House, Custom Designedย are:

Cash Reserves & Debt


You already know the importance of having a budget, but what about those unexpected expenses that pop up from time to time? Having at least 3 months expenses in reserves can help alleviate the stress of emergencies.

Meanwhile, carrying debt into retirement can be a heavy burden for you to carry. How can you expect to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest if you have that debt hanging over your head? There are strategies to manage and pay off that debt quickly and efficiently.

Health & Life Insurance Planning

Healthcare & Life Insurance

You may be in the prime of your life right now, but the average person entering retirement in 2019 is expected to spend somewhere around $150,000 on healthcare. Whether you’re covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare, it’s important to know your options and which plan best suits your needs. That includes considering your long-term-care options. Recent studies have shown that around half of retirees will need some form of long-term-care at some point in their lives, and those costs are on top of the expenses mentioned above.

Life insurance can be a useful, tax-free tool used to offset income and asset reduction for a surviving spouse as well as settle any debts you may have and cover your funeral expenses when you pass away. Even beyond these traditional uses for life insurance, many policies will also offer accumulated cash value or long-term-care coverage.

Auto, Homeowners & Umbrella Insurance

Your home and car are most likely already insured, but do you understand the importance of having the right amount of liability coverage for you, your income and assets? These insurance coverages are designed to protect you from the financial impact of natural disasters and accidents that could otherwise devastate your finances. Umbrella insurance serves as additional coverage and protection should your home and auto insurance policies not be able to cover the full cost of the damage done.

Legacy Preparation/Pre-Planning

When people hear terms like legacy and pre-planning, they think about what happens to their money when they die. While that is a big part of it, we also discuss many of the important decisions you should make before that point decisions like having the right documents to ensure your legacy is passed down according to your wishes when the time comes, or who will be given power of attorney if you are incapable of making decisions for yourself.

When you plan before you pass away, you can remove a lot of the stress that comes with losing a loved one. Your heirs can grieve and celebrate your life when you’re gone, knowing you’ve already taken care of everything


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