The “Five Crossroads”

Experienced financial advisor Eric Scott has counseled many people on how to plan for their ideal retirement. Listening to their stories of financial challenges and triumphs, he began seeing patterns that led him to develop The Five Crossroads.

“By planning for each crossroad in your financial life, our goal is to help direct you toward the right course of action to cover your future needs,” Scott says. “By looking at the big picture we strive to bring you the peace of mind of knowing you have coverage from every angle.”

Wanting to share The Five Crossroads process with as many people as possible, Scott wrote one of the most engaging, easy-to-enjoy financial books of our times: The Five Crossroads: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Retirement Journey.


What you can expect from

The Five Crossroads

John and Sue Smith felt lost. The recent downturn of the U.S. economy had diminished a large portion of their retirement savings and they struggled with the fear that their retirement might not offer them the lifestyle they loved.

That was before “the letter” arrived.

One day, the Smiths received a mysterious letter from someone called “The Guide,” offering them a new outlook on their retirement that could potentially turn things around. Willing to try anything to improve their current financial situation, John and Sue set out to meet with him.

Follow John and Sue on their journey through a fanciful world of intertwining paths and incredible landscapes known as The Five Crossroads. The Guide and some colorful characters from the history books will transport you into a world where your financial decisions can help you reach the retirement of your dreams and make it a reality.


What People Are Saying

“The Five Crossroads is an excellent retirement planning book that is told in a very easy to read storybook fashion… Great job by the author, Eric L. Scott, to take the complicated components of the retirement crossroads and make them so simple and enjoyable to read!”

Drew Horter, Founder & Chief Investment Strategist of Horter Investments

“Wow, it was great to read a book on retirement that didn’t put me to sleep with boring technical details. Eric Scott has done a masterful job of taking the most important, and often times, complex retirement strategies and weaving them into an exciting and thought-provoking story that takes you on a trip through our nation’s history.”

Cody Foster, Founder of Advisors Excel


Already read the “Five Crossroads”?

Check our Eric Scott’s latest book. “Shattering IRA Misconceptions”

We live in an age of information overload. That overload hurts us most when dealing with money and investments. One topic in particular tends to be more misunderstood than most: IRAs and similar accounts. With over 17 Trillion dollars in America currently invested in IRAs, 401(k) and similar accounts, it’s disconcerting to see how misinformed many people are about these types of accounts.

Following the fun storytelling format he began with The Five Crossroads, Eric’s new book follows the adventures of a brand new couple through thirteen misconceptions people have about IRAs (and their truths). Join Ryan and Katie Johnson as they follow the mysterious Guide on a walk back through history, meet a few familiar characters, and learn how to take back control of their IRA money.