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If you’re enrolling for the first time or have just turned 65, you probably have several questions about Medicare. Where do I sign up? What kind of coverage should I choose? Can I still stay with my current provider? Unfortunately, the Medicare program can be incredibly complicated and difficult to understand. Before deciding on your coverage, it’s critical that you understand all of your options. Our Medicare Guide, Katie Prosser, can help you sort through your choices so you can determine what level of care is best for you and your situation.

Even though Medicare is intended to be a safety net for senior citizens, even experienced Medicare recipients have little understanding of the fine print included in their policies. The most frequent question relates to costs; many older Americans may feel locked into plans and high premiums. Fortunately, there have been changes to the program that make it easier for Americans to be responsible consumers.

Whether you’re nearing age 65 and about to enroll in Medicare for the first time or you’re wanting to rethink your options for the next open enrollment, fill out the form below to find out more about the basics of Medicare and discover how you can potentially maximize your Medicare benefits.

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