Paul Scott

Content Manager

Paul works hard to provide our clients with educational, straight-forward financial information that will help them understand the complex issues that affect their retirement. It is Paul’s belief that the majority of financial information people read is too complicated and he’s made it his primary mission to present that information in an easy-to-understand and fun-to-read format.

Paul has been writing professionally in one industry or another for the majority of his adult life. He brought his talent to the Eric Scott Financial team in 2009 and has been providing original content as well as curating third-party information for our website, blog and newsletter ever since.

Paul spent most of his childhood in the Wasatch Valley in Northern Utah and currently lives in Salt Lake City with his beautiful daughter, Oriana. Paul enjoys spending time with his daughter, visiting Salt Lake’s various arts and science museums, trying new foods, seeing new plays and supporting local artists and businesses.